[servicegroup][serviceblock title=”AT THE MOESTUINWINKEL” link=”http://www.verticalgardentube.nl/#contact” icon= “fa fa-shopping-cart”]In the Haarlemmerbuurt in Amsterdam is our MoesTuinWinkel, adres: Tussen de Bogen 33. The Vertical Garden Tube is available at this store.
[/serviceblock][serviceblock title=”ONLINE” link= “http://www.verticalgardentube.nl/#pricing” icon= “fa fa-desktop”] You can buy the Vertical Garden Tube in our online store https://moestuinwinkel-amsterdam.nl/ [/serviceblock][serviceblock title=”EMAIL US” link= “http://www.verticalgardentube.nl/#contact” icon= “fa-comment-o”]For now please mail us at info@verticalgardentube.nl or call us at 0031(0)614680866, we provide you with all the information about the vertical garden tube.[/serviceblock][/servicegroup]

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