Vertical Garden Tube
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a Vertical what?

So what is The Vertical Garden Tube exactly?

The Vertical Garden tube is a stylish way to grow your own herbs, vegetables and edible flowers in a small space. You grow 48 plants instead of 4 plants in the same space. The Vertical Garden Tube is the planter for professionel urban agriculture like Greenhouses, Rooftops, Kitchen gardens and the interior of restaurants.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a lot of fun and good for the environment. Home grown food just seems to taste better. But to be able to grow your own, you need space. The design of the vertical garden tube makes it possible to grow lots of herbs and plants in a small space. It rises up to 124 cm, but is only 39 cm in diameter. It has 45 spots to grow 48 plants. Normally you would need 5-6m2 to grow this number of vegetables. The VGT easily fits onto a small balcony. The design is stylish.

Although the VGT is an investment it's actually a quit cheap way to grow vegetables if you consider a normal basic garden cost at least € 100 per m1 and often more.
Our story
2014 May FIRST VGT is ready

After a process of designing the mold, a logo and testing, the first VerticalGardenTubes comes out of the factory.

2013 november START Of the production of the VGT

 A lot of factories say the VGT is very hard or impossible to produce, finally Matthias finds the right man and factory.

2012 DECEMBER Designing the VGT

After designing the VGT Matthias builds a mockup and starts searching for a factory to produce the VGT.

2012 March START Of MOES32

We start building the communal garden for 76 families in Amsterdam so they can start growing their own veggies.

2011 december a communal garden on IJburg

We have a go to build the communal garden.

2010 Space for growing vegetables is a problem

Matthias starts thinking about a way to grow more plants in less space.

2009 What if...

Prik comes with the idea to start a communal vegetable garden on an empty plot across their home and ask Matthias to help her.

2008 june the vegetable garden in all started with

Prik, Onno, Matthias met and Prik and Onno ask Matthias to build a veggie garden in their backyard.

tube equals 5-6m2 garden
plants can grow in it
cm in height, 39cm in diameter
dutch design, 100% dutch made
Meet the team
Who's behind this great idea and design.
Matthias van den Berg

Owner of Amstelhoveniers -a gardening company- by day, vegetable garden tube designer by night.

Prik Korver

A motion graphic designer who started a communal vegetable garden in Amsterdam.

Prik & Matthias

in 2014 whit the Tubes


For more information on where you can buy the vertical garden tube please contact us.
In the Haarlemmerbuurt in Amsterdam is our MoesTuinWinkel, adres: Tussen de Bogen 33. The Vertical Garden Tube is available at this store.
In a few weeks time you will be able to buy the Vertical Garden Tube here in our online store. Until then drop us a note.
For now please mail or call us, we provide you with all the information about the vertical garden tube.


  • 20,- extra delivery cost within The netherlands
  • free delivery
  • 4 40L bags of soil
  • 10 liter of drainage sand
  • 45 plants
  • irrigation tube optional
  • light optional
  • seeds optional
  • free delivery
  • we'll put soil in the tube
  • we'll plant 45- 50 plants
  • irrigation tube optional already inside
  • light optional
  • different color optional


Prik & Matthias keep you updated on all that's going on with the Vertical Garden Tube.